All of our orders are sent beautifully packaged. Perfect for gift giving!


Bag the date

Do you need to spice up your relationship? 

Is there an anniversary, Bday, weekend get away coming up? 

Don't worry, we got you covered for a night you'll never forget!!   

Get the ultimate date goodie bag you'll both enjoy : ) 

  • Perfectly packaged in a satin  bag with tassel closures, ready for gift giving 

  • Rose petals to set the mood 

  • A beautiful lingerie piece, make sure you chose your preferred  size 
  • Sensual oil/ lube, make it wet wet  
  • Candle that turns into massage oil went lit, pour it all over baby! 
  • Couples Game- c'mon add some daring activities to your love life. You thought you knew each others like but explore into new adventures! 
  • And a very special surprise , this is the game changer right here!!
  • This is valued at $250+
  • Note the items in this bag can not be returned if anything is opened, all items must be in original packaging, the bag must be return 100% complete, seals can not broken (with tags for lingerie) 
  • If you have any questions email us we will respond within 1-2 business days
  • *LIMITED EDITION* we will only be releasing a limited amount of bags per month
  • Your relationship will reach a new level with this fun surprise bag of treats 
  • The next round of bags will ship out 9/24.  You must order by 9/22 for the bag to ship out on 9/24
  • Every month is a new set of items, order your monthly bag & let the fun begin!!

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