I'm a Sub

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Strap in your submissive or be submissive with this Neck to Wrist restraints!  

  • This is heavy duty for pulling or anchoring from walls 
  • Doubling as a collar, the soft inner lining is gentle against skin so you can cinch up the collar and wrist cuffs  
  • The vegan-friendly PU leather is easy to clean and still maintains the sexy, classic leather look!
  • The large O-rings are made of strong, nickel-free metal and can have other bondage items attached to them. Use the buckle to adjust to the perfect fit
  • Hook your fingers around the O-rings and tug your lover towards you
  • Play with attaching the O-rings to different anchor points or place their hands far away from them
  • Wrists will be cuffed and restrained, the center strap attached to collared neck
  • Limit movement even more by bringing the strap around to the back and placing their restrained wrists behind back

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